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Basic Inspection of Terminals (BIT) Program

This website explains the California BIT inspection program in eight steps. These eight steps are taught in my free step-by-step video series on this website. In my e-book and paperback book you can also find these lessons along with the forms you will need to help administer your BIT program. The fundamentals in these steps will provide you with a foundation to administer your BIT program, as well as, to present your program to the California Highway Patrol every 6 years, or sooner depending on the severity of your violations within the FMCSA national performance based priority system.

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Watch step-by-step video series (Free)


Buy e-Book and/or paperback book. Includes all forms and steps you need to operate a basic BIT inspection program


Buy 90-day mechanical inspection forms and driver hiring file folders. If under Federal program add Annual Inspection Stickers


Administer your BIT inspection program


Don't over complicate it!

Who is Rudy Salazar?

I am a diesel truck, trailer, and transport refrigeration mechanic based out of Southern California. I have over 25 years of experience in the transportation industry. I have held service management positions at major truck dealerships, and truck rental and leasing operations in the southwest. My years of experience has given me the day-to-day knowledge of the California BIT Inspection management process.

I hope you don't let our Federal and State government's rules and regulations get you down. Keep it simple and don't over complicate it!

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Partial regulations coming at you means: 90-day mechanciacl inspections and Hours of Serive (HOS) only.

Full regulations coming at you means relax and don't over complicate it.