California Assembly Bill No. 529 - Major Changes 2016-2018
GVWR: 10,000LB All commercial vehicles over 10,000 GVWR are now in the BIT Program
FMCSA System All commercial vehicles are in the FMCSA performace based system
6 Year Inspection CHP preforms inspections once every 6 years or sooner, based on performance
BIT Fees ($) Collected by the DMV with Motor Carrier Permit
Link to AB 529 Click Here
Remember! Partial regulations coming at you, or full regulations coming at you--which is it?

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Ready for BIT Inspection

Driver Hiring Files

  • Driver Specific Employment Application
  • Driver Previous Employment Record Review
  • Driver Proficiency
  • Pool Program Enrollment
  • Primary DMV Report
  • Enrollment DMV Pull Program

Driver Records

  • DMV Pull Notices
  • DMV Pull Notice Reviews
  • Pool Reports

Driver Hours of Service

  • Hours of Service Timesheet/Cards (simple)
  • Hours of Service Logbooks (detailed and time consuming)

DVIR (Driver Vehicle Condition Report)

  • OK Status: Keep together and discard after 90-days
  • Defects Found: Keep for one-year with suporting documents

90-Day Mechanical Inspection

  • Inspect vehicle every 90-days by a quailified inspector
  • Repair any defects that could cause breakdowns or accidents
  • Retain reports for two-years

Systematic Maintenance

  • Lube Oil and Filter Service (once a year or sooner)
  • Records of all repairs and services
  • Retain for one-year

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